LegacyTXK Outdoor Ministries

LegacyTXK Outdoor Ministries

LegacyTXK Outdoor Ministries is a an evangelistic outreach using the passion for outdoors to reach and disciple followers for Christ of all ages.

Bro Donnie Edwards has built a team of volunteers that have a passion for outdoors and are now using their gifts, experience and passion to reach the those who love hunting, fishing, shooting, ATV and UTV trail rides, etc.

LegacyTXK Outdoors has built a wide variety of activities and tools to host your outdoor event for outreach purposes. We use these platforms to draw folks into your event so we can share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have already assembled a 3D Archery set up that has bows for all ages kids. Youth and Adults with over a dozen 3 D targets to shoot at such as deer, hogs, turkey and looking at adding other animals.

We have a variety of air gun and rifles to set up a tournament for just fun or more advanced.

The ministry also provides skeet shooting and can handle your next skeet shooting activity for your men's event.

Our team would love to come to your church, community event, block party, outreach event, Wild Game dinner or Men's event. This can be adapted easily for kids, youth or adults as needed.