Legacy School of Discipleship

Legacy Baptist Church Disciple Makers

Disciple Makers is a 12 week training course on leadership that will train you to be and become a multiplying disciple maker. We believe God wants us to facilitate leadership training in a multiplying way that gives members the tools and knowledge in how to go make disciples as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission. Our Legacy Disciple Makers training seeks to help all those who desire to assist the pastor in developing men and women to be spiritual leaders who reproduce themselves within the church and beyond the four walls!
The Legacy Disciple Maker course and training consists of:

  • A weekend retreat of training
  • A 12 week course and materials laid out in a small group setting
  • A church covenant to sign
  • Assistance in selecting disciples up to 12
  • Monthly meetings and ongoing training
  • There are three responsibilities:
  • Complete 12 lesson on Discipleship Makers
  • Carry out your own triad groups following the completion
  • Maintain active status in Legacy Baptist Church and accountability to the Lead Pastor or Director for the future growth and vision of the ministry

We offer discipleship in a variety of ways to members and guest

We currently have the following classes and programs in place.

Leadership training for Legacy Disciple Makers is 12 weeks course that trains and equips those interested in making disciples.

Legacy Guest and New Members class 4 weeks course on:
Who is Legacy Baptist Church?
What does one have to do to be a member?
What does Legacy Baptist Church believe?
Where would I serve or be able to plug in if I joined ?

Small groups are Christ centered bible studies that engage people on subject of choice and are led to grow those involved closer in their walk with Christ and Christ likeness. These groups meet at various times and places but will be under the authority and supervision of the lead pastor and Legacy Baptist Church. Classes will be posted on this website with details and info needed to participate.

Legacy Discipleship night is our Wednesday night program that has classes for all ages from 6:30-7:30.